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Solar Thermal Panels

Our solar thermal panels are poweful, durable and easy to install, offering long-term efficiency and attractive designs.

Viessman Vitosol 200-F Flat-plate Solar Thermal Collectors

Vitosol 200-F flat-plate solar thermal collectors make an impression with their high efficiency and their attractive price/performance ratio. The Vitosol 200-F flat-plate collector that has been successfully used for many years now, has been further improved; its even lower weight makes it even more easy to install. High quality ensures permanent operational reliability, a long service life and high efficiency.

Viessmann Vitosol 200-T

A direct flow vacuum tube collector that is ideal for installations in any location. The new design of the header casing enables the Vitosol 200-T to blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the roof.

Viessmann Vitosol 300-T

A high performance Viessmann vacuum tube collector which operates according to the proven heat pipe principle, offering a particularly high operational reliability.

Rotex Solaris

An unpressurised and direct Drain-Back solar system, based on a storage tank concept which is fundamentally different from usual systems. As a result of its special structure, the system is virtually maintenance-free and fail-safe. ROTEX Solaris uses the free power from the sun for water heating and effectively supports the heating system.